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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's for Our Guests


Booking your vacation home with us is simple! All you need to do is choose the location of your choice, select dates, and make this happen by following the simple booking process given on our website.

A diverse range of vacation homes can be booked with us. You can choose beachfront retreats, skyline sanctuaries, tranquil oasis properties, and a lot more according to your preferences.

Yes, we not only allow you to book your vacation home with us, but you can also choose from our exclusive services like laundry, car rentals, housekeeping, babysitting, etc.

Yes, our vacation homes are pet friendly.

Yes, special packages and discounts are available for customers looking for extended stays. Feel free to contact our support team for benefits.


The Basics:

Yes, with us you can enjoy hassle-free airport shuttle service. However, to avail the facility you need to inform us while making your vacation home bookings.

We would love to help! Our city concierge expert can guide you about local attractions and activities for an enhanced experience.

Yes, most of our vacation homes have fully equipped kitchens so that you can prepare your meals your way and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

While making your vacation home booking with us, you will be informed about the check-in and check-out details. Customizations are also available (if needed).

Yes, Wi-Fi facilities can available in all our properties.